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Hello! I'm Ares. I found Neocities by clicking on a stranger's Discord bio and immediately fell in love with the concept. I've been interested in web design since I was little but I didn't start learning HTML+CSS until early 2023. I did grow up on Scratch though! (The pipeline is real!)

I'm so glad I found a space like this on the internet where people use web design as a medium for creativity away from major social media. I really love browsing Neocities, there's so many interesting sites here! I want to do lots with my website in the future but I'm lazy so it might take a while.

This is pretty common for an internet user but I'm a shut-in who dreams of becoming a comic artist or game developer! I spend most of my free time drawing or playing TCGs, occasionally reading manga, coding this site and telling myself the statistics on it are a glitch and no one's around to judge me. I also listen to way too much nightcore. I add new stuff infrequently but I try my best to keep the button wall and art gallery up to date!

That's about all I have for now, thanks for visiting my page. I hope you're enjoying it :)
Also a little disclaimer, this is not a kin list these are just my favorite characters.

I am
bi, myself, quiz whore, trans-loving, who cares
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