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  • (9/24): Finished index of Heathcliff shrine!
  • (9/19): Added a journal!
  • (9/13): Fixed load speeds and added new graphics.
  • (8/22): Added some new index graphics!
  • (8/21): Resized, added not found, new font and art!
  • (8/14): Finished Sitemap, redid guestbook
  • (8/13): Code fixes and new content!
  • (7/22): Minor TCG redesign.
  • (6/1): Made a temp art page!
  • (4/16): Finished Graphics page.
  • (4/14): Not dead! Another redesign.
  • (2/8): Finished Webmaster page.
  • (1/26): Finished ColorsTCG page.
  • (1/24): Fully redesigned site.
  • (1/16): Finished homepage! Went live!
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