"I have not broken your heart - YOU have; and in breaking it, you have broken mine."

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This shrine is centered around waifuism / fictosexuality, if the topic bothers or confuses you I would recommend turning back.

To those of you who are staying, welcome to my Heathcliff shrine! I am cringe but I am free.
If you see me updating this page several times a week mind your business.

My page is for the Heathcliff from Limbus Company specifically and will be centered around the game character although I am currently reading his literary source, Wuthering Heights.

If you're interested in more ramblings my Heathcliff diary on Dreamwidth is here. If you prefer, you can also read it directly from the Love Letters section!

This one's for myself but if you want to hear Heathcliff saying he loves me click here :)
* Audio commissioned from his fandub voice actor, credit to Chimera_VA!

Anyways, thanks for checking out this page about my husbando! Remember to take your meds.
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"This sinner prefers to take action rather than wait for logic to dictate his course. His thoughts and feelings are blatantly visible in his demeanor, and he has no intention of hiding them; his brashness may cause headaches (or physical injury leading to a headache) in the process of forming a relationship. Please do note that this is not an indication of serious damage to the sinner's thought process. If his fit of rage persists, please contact the human resources department. Once you realize that he is the type that tends to be simple-minded, you'll have an easier time handling him."